The Meat Guy's original recipe video

How to make pulled pork at home

Make delicious pulled pork at home with our original pulled pork meal kits! Two types of seasoning are available, spicy and mild! Choose the one that suits your taste.

【Halloween Recipe】Ghost Burgers

These mini ghost burgers are perfect for your Halloween party! You can also make these for children's parties!

Oven-baked Pork & Potatoes

Introducing oven-baked pork shoulder! It's very simple and easy to make, so make sure to try it out!

How to cook our sausage

The Meat Guy offers more than 15 different original flavors! Discover your favorite sausage today!

Easy and delicious! Salted lamb chop steak tutorial

Introducing: how to make salted koji steak using Wakanui lamb chops!

EASY! Cook steak in a frying pan

How to cook a delicious steak using a frying pan!

Kinsou-dori chicken breast nanbanzuke recipe

Here's a quick and easy recipe for Japanese-style pickled chicken (Nanbanzuke) using Kinso-dori chicken breast!


An easy recipe for oven-baked Kinso-dori chicken drumsticks with colorful veggies!

How to Cook a Thick Steak

The meat that was used in this video is a grass-fed beef striploin 1kg block.

How to Cook A Tomahawk Steak

It looks and tastes good! Hype up your next BBQ with our powerful Tomahawk Steak !

Recreate The Meat Guy's Roast Beef

A Meat Guy crowd favorite! Grass-fed Beef Rib Roast 1.6kg Block for roast beef!

How to Cut Beef Tendon from a Striploin

We'll teach you how to properly remove the beef tendons from the striploin block. The tendon can be used for stews, etc! You won't be wasting any of this delicious meat!

Yakiniku on a BBQ grill?! Enjoy beef yakiniku and meat skewers on the barbie!

Delicious and simple skewers using The Meat Guy's beef cubes. You can also put vegetables between the meet if you like!

How to Cook Baby Back Ribs

Watch this video to prepare for your next weekend BBQ. Use plenty of The Meat Guy's original BBQ sauce to make it moist and juicy. Click here for back ribs

How to Make Guacamole and Tacos!

The perfect spice accent to any dish---Jalapenooosss! Perfect for authentic-tasting Mexican tacos.

How To Cook A Turkey Without An Oven - The Flower Pot Method

Use a beer can to make meat tender and more juicy! The Meat Guy also offers chicken grillers and whole domestic brand Kinsou-dori chicken.

How to Cook a Turkey in a Dutch Oven - Simple and Easy Guide

Dutch ovens can provide high thermal conductivity, so the entire meat can be cooked evenly. In this video, we will show you how to stuff the turkey and roast it!


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