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Introducing American chicken! Chicken and turkey raised in abundant and vast nature. Delicious and beloved all over the world. The secret is the production system and throrough inspection! So why not get this delicious chicken from The Meat Guy, and feel the love in every bite!

Bone-in Chicken Leg

Grill it on your next BBQ, or use in a variety of dishes like soup, curry, or oven-baked! 200g per pack, plus no need for forks and knives! Eating it with your hands makes it that much more delicious!

Smoked Turkey Drumsticks

It's already smoked and pre-cooked, so you can enjoy that authentic American flavor just by warming it in the oven. Enjoy this theme park classic from the comfort of your own home! Two pieces included in each pack. One for you... now, and one for later! Sharing is okay too. I guess.

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* Depends on the factory

Quality and safety indicated by US government inspection mark

Quality assurance is marked indicating that all strict guidelines have been cleared. The mark contains the processing factory number, and you can even see which factory the product was produced in. All American poultry products imported into Japan carry this mark.

* Because The Meat Guy needs to divide and repack the products before they are shipped, the products delivered to the customer may not be marked.

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