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  • Pizza Pepperoni Slices 1kg

    Pizza Pepperoni Slices 1kg


    Pork pizza pepperoni slices. Frozen.
  • Italian Sausage Pizza Topping

    Italian Sausage Pizza Topping


    Pre-cooked Hormel brand pizza topping. Crumbles of Italian sausage. Frozen.
  • Chicken Legs

    Chicken Legs


    The whole thigh and leg. 4 pieces in one pack. Frozen.
  • Cranberry Sauce 397g

    Cranberry Sauce 397g


    Cranberry Sauce, just like mom used to make. And by "make" we mean, "take out of the can". Dry
  • Parsley Coarse Ground in a Jar

    Parsley Coarse Ground in a Jar


    Parsley coarse ground comes in a wide mouth and high quality jar with air-tight lid. Is mostly used for salads or poultry dishes. Parsley is a source of vitamin K and vitamin C as well as vitamin A, folate and iron. Dry
  • Brooklyn Cheesecake Plain

    Brooklyn Cheesecake Plain


    Whole Real New York cheesecake straight outa Brooklyn. One cake has 12 slices, pre-cut. This is one of the best cheesecakes I've ever eaten. Frozen
  • NY Baby Cheesecake

    NY Baby Cheesecake


    Little baby new york style cheesecakes for you and your baby, baby. One cake is 99 grams (not 100g) and there are 6 cakes in a package. Frozen
  • Triple Chocolate Brownies - 28 count

    Triple Chocolate Brownies - 28 count


    A big box of American old-fashioned brownies. 28 pieces at 42.5 grams each is a whole lotta chocolaty goodness. Makes a great gift, you can even take off the outside wrapper and pass it off as omiage from the States! The brownies are fully cooked and stored frozen to maintain freshness but can be shipped chilled or dry and will last at room temperature for a couple of weeks. They taste great warmed up in the microwave. Frozen
  • Chocolate Obsession Cake - 12 Piece Pre-Cut

    Chocolate Obsession Cake - 12 Piece Pre-Cut


    This is the most chocolaty thing I've ever had, first they take chocolate, then cover it with chocolate, then add some more chocolate. And the best thing of all is that it's not fattening, you can actually lose weight just by eating this. I ate three whole pies yesterday and lost like 15 kilos!! That might've mostly been from the tooth decay though ... read more (Frozen)
  • Turkey Breast +/- 700g Size

    Turkey Breast +/- 700g Size


    No more fighting over who gets the white meat. Boneless and skinless. These are super high quality breasts - very nice size and shape, about a C or D cup I'd say - depending on the size of your hands. Frozen
  • Flour Tortillas 10"

    Flour Tortillas 10"


    10 inch imported flour tortillas. 10 to a pack. Frozen
  • Yellow Corn Tortillas 6"

    Yellow Corn Tortillas 6"


    6" soft corn tortillas. If you want hard taco shells just fold into shape (you might want to ball up some aluminum foil as a divider) and pop in the toaster oven or oven for a couple minutes. For real corn chips cut into 4 pieces and fry or bake. More hints on the product page... Frozen

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