Accessories to get the most from your meat! Our fantastic gas grills will make your life more fun. Rental Hardware items now available too!

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  • Pop-up Timer 2 pack (3 cm; 77ºC)

    Pop-up Timer 2 pack (3 cm; 77ºC)


    Your meat, done perfectly every time. Just stick this in, when it pops, everything is ready.
  • Big Roasting Bag / Oven Bag + Clips (5 Bags)

    Big Roasting Bag / Oven Bag + Clips (5 Bags)


    A perfect, juicy roast every time. Just stick the meat in the bag, the bag in the oven and ooowalaaaa! 50cm x 50cm bags.
  • Meat Thermometer

    Meat Thermometer


    It's not manly to use this on steaks, if you are grilling a steak, you should be able to tell if it's done by poking at it.
  • Lava Rock / Lava Stone (1kg)

    Lava Rock / Lava Stone (1kg)


    The rocks collect the heat from the gas jets and distribute it more evenly underneath your cooking surface. (Dry)
  • Beer Can Chicken Holder

    Beer Can Chicken Holder


    Sometimes chickens (or even small turkeys) are known to get a little tipsy. This holds them upright.



    This primo charcoal is perfect for barbecues and grilling! Grill tasty meats safely without having to deal with smoke or sudden bursts of flame.

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6 Item(s)


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