KINSOU-DORI - Japanese Whole Chicken (2kg)

KINSOU-DORI - Japanese Whole Chicken (2kg)
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Contents about 2kg
unit price ¥177 / per 100g
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Labeling Information

country of origin Japan
ingredients Chicken
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep Frozen at -18 degrees C

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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What is KINSOU-DORI Chicken? 

Well, its the Morgan Ranch Beef, but for chicken. This is what you have been looking for when you prefer healthy, hormone-free chicken.  These 2kg birds are huge and have a much fresher taste than common chicken. KINSOU-DORI is known for a pinker breast, firmer texture, and fuller chicken flavor.


If you have never tried KINSOU-DORI in Japan, then this is your time! Ideal for oven roasting or butterflying on the grill!  

You can season this bird generously with all the spices you like. I remember that my mother used a lot of mustard to bath the chicken, giving it a nice spicy touch, but that part is all up to you. 

1. Preheat oven to about 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).

2. Place chicken in a roasting pan, and season generously inside and out with salt, pepper and anything else you like.

3. Place some butter, onions and sliced apples in the chicken cavity.

4. Bake uncovered for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes in the preheated oven, to a minimum internal temperature of 180 degrees F (82 degrees C). Remove from heat, and baste with melted margarine and drippings. Cover with aluminum foil, and allow to rest about 30 minutes before serving.

(Caution: Cooking times depend on the device you use! )

Leftovers like bones and cartilage can be used to make lots and lots of your own stock which can be frozen and used in plenty of other dishes long after this bird is already gone. 

In Depth

The term Kin-sou, roughly translates to, Rich and Refreshing. Throw the Dori at the end of it and you've got a rich refreshing bird! 
Japanese is quite easy once you get down to it. 

Kinsou-Dori Chicken is raised right here in Aichi-Ken, so it's locally sourced. 

You won't find chicken of this flavor at your local supermarket and certainly not for these prices!
Stock the freezer!


The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging, and type of meat. Please refer to our thawing chart ≫here≪

Review of this item

Flavorful, moist, tender meat. Excellent value for money,

Barbara 9/1/2021
I am totally spoiled. I've bought this bird at least 4 times and have never been disappointed. The larger the chicken the better the bone/waste to meat ratio. These birds, at 2 kg (about 4.4 lbs), are the most economical and have the best taste -- they're about ¥170/100 grams -- totally in line with what you'd pay for an inferior product in the local stores. I'm hard-pressed to buy chicken at the local stores anymore. The bird will easily feed 6 people with sides, or you'll have chicken salad or sandwiches the next day. I brine mine in a salted water bath overnight then baked it at 180°C for about an hour. It's tender, juicy, and delicious. I like them so much I'm considering ordering two or more and cutting them up myself. If you're baking the whole bird, try The Meat Guy's stuffing mix --- Mmmmm, yum! But, buy this bird! You will not regret it.

Best bird

Nick 12/5/2020
This is the real deal. Not a hint of chemical taste like regular supermarket chicken. Cooked with 2 lemon halves sprinkled with herbs for a great tang to the meat.


Rod 6/9/2020
Possibly the best chicken I've had in Japan. Big, healthy, fairly low fat but juicy.
Cooked it for about two hours on low heat with just salt and a bit of garlic powder, with a genmai rice, onion, garlic and herb stuffing. Not dry at all.
Delicious, and enough left over for a couple of lunches!

Good volume

Gretchen 6/3/2020
It is very nice to have access to whole chickens! Ours was very nice, a bit dry or not as juicy, but that may have been my fault. Family of 3 enjoyed it with leftovers for sandwiches the next day. I will get one again. I might try the other whole chicken offered through this site to compare. But overall, very recommended.

The best!

Tokyo Espresso 4/29/2020
Not cheap but the best chicken out there!


ゆうこ 1/10/2019


Guest 10/17/2017
Very juicy ! Great taste! Its great to know its a free range chook fed by locally grown japanese grains.


Guest 10/17/2017
I love roast chicken! My Mom use to roast one once a week when I was kid. I try and do one once a month. The crisp skin is wonderful as is the breast meat and the wings!!! OH SO DELISH! Then we take the carcass and simmer it in pot with onion, carrots, and celery and make SUPER stock that we freeze and use for other recipes. I rarely have to buy grocery store broth/stock! WIN WIN!

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