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Safe and delicious chicken tenders from our beloved Kinsou-dori brand! Tenders are taken from the chicken breast. It's soft, packed with umami, and also low in calories! It's got the lowest fat content and highest protein in chicken, which makes it popular among people who are on a diet.

※Please note that during the shipping process, small holes may develop in the packaging due to the friction caused by frozen products rubbing up against each other. Please rest assured, that the quality of the meat will stay the same.


For the health-nuts out there, all you have to do is boil and cut these babies, then use for salad topping.

For more flavor, use this for dishes like deep-fried cheese & chicken tenders, Shiso tenders, fried with mayonnaise, piccata, etc.

Feel free to let us know your favorite recipes in the reviews section!♪


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◆What is "Kinsou"?◆

・The term Kin-sou, roughly translates to, Rich and Refreshing. Throw the Dori at the end of it and you've got a rich refreshing bird! Japanese is quite easy once you get down to it.

◆What's the concept behind Kinsou-dori?◆

・Processing is done at their own facilities.

・Professionals are designated to oversee the whole process from raising, to cutting, to packaging.

・Pyroligneous acid is added to the feed.

・The birds are inspected regularly by professionals in line with the health standards.


・Kinsou-dori is located right here in Aichi! The manufacturer has established its trustworthiness and a creed of "freshness, safety. and deliciousness."
・Because the birds are given enough time to exercise, the fat content is very low.
・The manufacturer was originally a bird feed supplier, so they are particular with the feed they use.
・About 14 days before shipment, they ensure that the birds are bred without the use of any antibiotics.
・The chicken is characterized by its high quality protein content because of the feed that's produced by the same company.
・The umami is locked in the chicken by designating trained professionals to do the cutting and packaging.
・The manufacturer is in charge of the whole process. From breeding, to raising, to packaging and shipping.
・This is how they keep the prices low, and quality high.
・On the internet, you can only find this chicken at The Meat Guy!


・Chicken: White Cornish ♂ ・ White Rock ♀

・Breeding Time: 50 days

・Method: Free-range


Thawing time vary based on thawing method, product type, size, etc.
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