Ground Turkey Meat / Turkey Mince (500g)

Ground Turkey Meat / Turkey Mince (500g)
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Contents about 500g
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Labeling Information

country of origin USA
ingredients Turkey
PACKAGING AND HANDLING Keep frozen at -18 degrees

Allergy Reference

Egg Milk Wheat Nut Buckwheat Shrimp Crab
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Those with '○' are included.


Maybe one of the most requested item from our health concious customers.  

The ones of you who hit the gym know that turkey meat is the meat with the highest protein ratio per gram. The perfect type of meat for white meat lovers! Each pack contains 500g.

Serving Suggestion

Probably the most popular way of eating ground turkey meat is the turkey burger - highly recommended and really tasty. But you can also form your own meatballs or throw it in your next pasta sauce. Just add a little salt and pepper and you're good to go.

Turkey Burger Recipe:

The Meat Guy's Recommend Recipe for the perfect「Turkey Burger 」Making 4 Patties with 1 Pack (500g) of our Turkey Mince.


Turket Mince(500g), Olive Oil, The Meat Guy's Orginal Almight Spice
Your favoirte hamburger toppings、cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado etc.

We also used our Hamburger Buns in this recipe.

How to Make!:
1.Place the mince into a bowl and kneed together the meat. 
2.Add olive oil and our Almighty Spice and mix well. 
3. Seperate the meat into 4 parts and begin to form your patties. For our extremists out there 500/4 =125g. So for mathmatically indentical patties, shoot for about 120g each.
4.Add a bit more olive oil to your frying pan and lay your now shaped patties to the heat. 
5. Continue to flip like you would normal burger patties, ensuring that the heat reaches the center of the meat. Cook to your desired doneness and bam, tasty turkey burgers. 

Turkey Mince can also be used for lasagna, pasta, tacos, sandwiches, and pizza. If you have any other recipe you would like to share please send it to us.


The thawing time depends on many factors such as size, weight, packaging, and type of meat. Please refer to our thawing chart ≫here≪

Review of this item


Hany 7/10/2020
Simply awesome, very good product and with little addition you turn this to great Turkey burgers or Turkey meatball. If you find it available scope it as it does not last.


William 8/18/2018
Alright, I'm just going to cut to the chase. This product is amazing. Just buy it. No, seriously, just buy a bunch of them. Makes great turkey burger patties. But, now they're sold out. My heart dropped when I saw the out-of-stock status. This item needs to come back, or I don't know how I can continue to live my life. It's too hard.

Great product

Sara 1/14/2018
This is the second time I have bought the ground turkey. I bought two packs this time, because just one went too fast. Patties are great, and meatballs are as well.

For meatballs:Per 500 gram, mix with 1/4C almond flour (or other flour of choice), 1 egg, 1 TBS tomato paste, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning. Roll into 12-16 balls depending on how big you want them. Bake at 180 for 20-25 minutes. Eat as is or with marinara or pesto sauce. I like to serve mine with roasted veggies. It's a really great change of pace from the usual and is sure to become a part of your regular rotation. :-)


Guest 10/19/2017
I think I was one of the first to buy this. It's awesome to make some healthy turkey burgers for those of us looking to keep in shape. (Turkey over beef for some of us)

I make 2 large patties. I put salt, pepper and garlic in a mixing bowl before throwing them in the oven.

Be sure to buy plenty, this stuff doesn't last at my place.

Taste: Like you would expect a turkey burger to taste, along with some personal preference spices.

Cooking: Easy, just throw it on a grill or in the oven. Do some turkey burger steaks in the fry pan to give the kids some healthy to eat.

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