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Pork Shank - Eisbein

Pork Shank - Eisbein
Product ID P116
Size about 650 gm
Price 1,190 Yen/Pack
Approx. cost per unit 1,190 Yen

The front shank on the bone, with the skin. Really meaty, high quality Eisbein. Slow roast it, braise it, or pickle it. One piece is enough for two if used as the main dish.

1 pc, approximate weight is 650gm

Schweinshaxe (aka Eisbein) German cuisine, is a roasted ham hock (or "pork knuckle"), this way of preparation is especially popular in Bavaria. The cooked Eisbein (aka Schweinshaxe) on the other hand is found in northern parts of Germany and here is how to prepare it:

1. Put about 3 tablespoons of The Meat Guy's Original Stake Spice in a bag with the shank.  Shake it until it is completely covered with spice.  then shake it a few more times, because shaking things is fun! (you should never shake babies)

The main ingredients in the steak spice are sea salt, coarse ground black pepper, and celery and mustard seeds.  This will lightly cure the shank, tenderize it, and add flavor.  After one night in the refrigerator (feel free to leave it to marinate in the rub for longer, up to four or five days is fine), it will look like this.

2. Next, put it in a pressure cooker, just covered with water, and cook for 20 minutes at full steam, then allow it to cool down on its own.  If you don't have a pressure cooker you can simmer or braise it for about 2 hours.  It's good to go just like this.

3. If you like the skin to be a bit more crunchy, at this point you can roast it or grill it for a few minutes (or hit it with a blow torch like I did).

4. Dig in! Pork shanks are not only tasty, they are full of collagen!  If you have noticed, recently collagen is extremely popular and they even sell collagen pills that you can take which will ward of wrinkles.  (In reality, ingesting collagen has zero effect on wrinkles, might work if you rubbed some pork shank on your face or wrinkly area though!  Even if it doesn't work, rubbing pork shank on your face is an activity that is highly endorsed by The Meat Guy.)

One Eisbein takes approximately a whole day to thaw in the fridge. Never place meat into hot water or place it on the counter for a long period of time.

Coming soon.

Selection of actual reviews from our customers. Most of our customers are Japanese, hence most reviews might be in Japanese:

In over 20 years here in Japan amongst my biggest frustrations was being unable to locate good cuts of lamb, pork with skin, sausage skins etc. Finding your site - and, hey, Boerewors! - it's beyond my wildest dreams.
Thanks and more power to you. (R.W.さん)

アイスバインが好きでたまに作りますが、豚すね肉が手に入りにくかったところ、御 社の商品にめぐりあえて幸運です。価格も手ごろで分量も充分、おいしいアイスバインができました。ポトフーにも良さそうです。また購入しようと思います。(travel_loverさん)

美味しいだしもとれてコラーゲンたっぷり。レンズマメと一緒に煮込みました (ちはやん0107さん)

Most of our recipes come from our customers. If you have another recipe, please send it to us and we will feature it along with your name. You are going to be famous!

Shipping is frozen.

Labeling Information: (specifications and ingredients sometimes change so the product you receive may be slightly different)
Ingredients: Pork
Handling: Keep frozen at -18 degrees C
Austria or Japan

NO/X = does not contain / 含まれない
YES/O  = does contain

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