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【FREE SHIPPING】Turkey Spare Ribs

【FREE SHIPPING】Turkey Spare Ribs
Product ID T020
Size 1 Kg
Price 2,862 YenPack
Approx. cost per unit 2,862 Yen
  • 【FREE SHIPPING】Turkey Spare Ribs
  • 【FREE SHIPPING】Turkey Spare Ribs
  • 【FREE SHIPPING】Turkey Spare Ribs
Not really ribs, actually it's the whole bone-in turkey cut up into bit-size portions. Cook these on the grill, slather with barbecue sauce, and you'll have the greatest turkey ribs ever! These are also awesome in stew, tajins, or fried up like chicken wings (we've got good sauce for that, by the way)
From Brazil or USA

Turkey Spare Ribs

Krispy Fried Turkey Karage

You will need;
Turkey Spare Ribs......................1 pack (1 kg.)
Whole Wheat Flour......................1/2 cup
Corn Starch (katakoriko)...............2 Tbsp.
Almighty Spice Mix.............................2 Tbsp.
Enough oil for frying, a pan to put that oil in, and a heat source to make that oil hot.

Step 1. Pat the turkey dry with a paper towel.

Step 2. Combine all the ingredients in a large food-safe bag.

Step 3. Shake the bag like it's the neighbor's cat you just caught peeing on your floor. Scream at it a couple times as well.

Step 4. You want to shock the ingredients into sticking onto the turkey. Try not to break the bag, it makes a helluva mess if you break the bag while shaking and screaming at it..

Step 5. In a shallow pan, with just enough oil to nearly cover the turkey pieces, fry, fry away.

Step 6. Your oil should be about 180 degrees C. I've never once checked the temperature of the oil, I figure it's ready if it goes critical when I splash a drop of water in it, too hot if it's smoking. Flip the pieces every few minutes until they turn a nice golden brown.

Step 7. Drain the chicken over some paper towels. Sprinkle on a little salt if you are so inclined.

A perfect way to enjoy turkey for the holidays if you don't have an oven.

Frying is not just the domain of chickens and the Scottish anymore. Turkey, unsurprisingly, tastes great fried, either whole, or cut up. Our "Turkey Spare Ribs" (which may or may not contain ribs, but always contain turkey), are a whole turkey, cut up into finger food-sized pieces. We originally started cutting up turkeys to make them easier to cook on the grill, since then we've used them in stews, tajins, and fried, like chicken only better. These are good enough that you'll be licking your fingers, and possibly the fingers of anyone around you (don't try this at work).

Labeling Information: (specifications and ingredients sometimes change so the product you receive may be slightly different)
Ingredients: Turkey
Contents: +/- 1 kg.
Handling: Keep Frozen at –18 degrees C
Origin: Brazil or USA

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