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Product ID Z050
Price 0 Yen/Set
Approx. cost per unit 0 Yen
Do you have a store? Where can I buy your products?
We are an online retailer and operate from Nagoya, Aichi-ken. We currently do not have a walk-in store.

What does The Meat Guy have that my local grocery store doesn't?

We have a full selection of meats including roasts, lamb, and steaks, T-bones, chops and exotic meats such as crocodile, wild boar, kangaroo, ostrich and more and our selection is constantly increasing. Finally, there's price! As an importer and wholesaler, we elliminate the middleman passing the savings on to you.

What payment options are available?
Credit card (Fastest and recommended)
Cash on delivery (Fast, fees apply)
Credit card on delivery (Fast, fees apply)
Bank Transfer (Slow, your bank might add fees)
Postal Transfer (Slow, your bank might add fees)
Paypal (Slow, fees apply)

Can I place an order now and request a delivery date next month?
Yes, you can order now for delivery as far into the future as you please. If ordering more than a year in advance you might want to confirm when it gets closer to the date.

Do you have organic meat?
Organic is a bit tricky in Japan. Up until recently, for something to be sold as organic it had to be certified as JAS Organic which is a different standard than USDA Organic or EU Organic. So there are many things that might be what you want, but don't carry the label you are looking for. We have other items that are more organic in spirit than many products that are properly certified. For example kangaroo meat, being wild, contains nothing artificial at all. But it can't be called organic as kangaroo aren't raised on a farm, thus there's nothing to actually certify. We also carry beef from our ranch in Nebraska called Morgan Ranch Beef. We don’t use antibiotics or hormones, feed is all sourced locally, and animal welfare is the highest priority.

Do you have grass-fed beef?
Most of the Australian beef is grass-fed. We have created a category of grass-fed beef here

Do I have to wait for the delivery all day?

You can request a delivery date and time frame giving you lots of flexibility.

Did you get my order?

Probably. After you have clicked the final “order” button on our site, the site immediately sends an automatic confirmation e-mail. If you didn’t receive this, and you are sure it is not in your spam folder, then the monsters inside the internet may have stolen your order. Please call us to confirm. Additionally, as your order enters our shipping system we will send you another automated e-mail to let you know things are being prepared. If you’ve ordered items that are sold by weight, this will show a place-holder number and may not reflect your actual charges. Finally we will send you another confirmation once the order is ready to ship that will have your tracking number(s) listed.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order, but free shipping starts at 15,000 yen so load up your cart! There’s always a little extra room in your fridge.

Can I get an additional discount if I buy a product in larger quantities?
Maybe. However that quantity will probably need to be in the several hundred kilograms range.

How fast can you ship?
Our order cut-off is 8:00 AM. 90% of orders received, that ask for immediate delivery, are shipped the same day for delivery the next day. If we are out of stock (but not sold out) on one item of your order, we will hold the order for a maximum of three days to ship everything together. If the back-order takes longer than that, we will ship the bulk of the order without the item and then ship it to you, with no shipping charges, when it arrives. If you request us to ship the bulk of the order more quickly, then we will charge shipping on both shipments. It is always a good idea to allow extra time for shipments, especially around peak holidays.

Can I request a specific date and time for delivery?
Yes! You can ask for delivery any day of the week, even when we are closed. Timed deliveries are possible, however the courier services that we use often don’t allow timed deliveries for business addresses. Usually you will have the same delivery driver though and if you talk to him/her, they will bring your order whenever you want it if it fits into their schedule.

I need to ask / enquire about something, were can I contact you?
Send us an e-mail or give us a call! 

How do you deal with claims?
In an unlikly event of a claim we can offer you replacement of product, we can offer you credit for your next order (recommended) or we can refund you the money via bank transfer, postal transfer or paypal.

I am vegetarian.
Ok. This might interest you: here and here and maybe here. Ok seriously we have a vegetarian category here.

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