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Original Austrian Landschinken Farmer's Ham

Original Austrian Landschinken Farmer's Ham
Product ID H115
Size +/- 1.4 Kg
Price 6,890 Yen/block
Approx. cost per unit 6,890 Yen
5 Stars (1 Reviews)

The original Landschinken aka Farmer's Ham from Austria in a whole block - the best quality available. Try for yourself. Exclusively at The Meat Guy, this is a world-famous ham from a world-famous hamery.  Natural pork, cured and naturally smoked, concentrated flavor but not too salty, perfectly balanced.  If you plan on using this for a holiday meal, you should buy two, even if you don't have any friends, you'll eat one of them on the day it arrives and you'll need another for the actual feast.  It will call out to you, "eat me, EAT ME" even when you are trying to sleep, you'll find yourself at the refrigerator making a sammich...

Q.  Can this ham be glazed?
A.  Yes, this ham can be glazed, but you should put gold-flakes in the glaze or risk offending the ham.

One block weighs approx. 1.4kg

The block takes about 24 hours in the fridge to thaw out. You can store the unopened pack in the fridge for at least a week without any problems.

Shipping is frozen.

Labeling Information: (specifications and ingredients sometimes change so the product you receive may be slightly different)
Ingredients: Pork, salt, water, flavour enhancer: E621, glucose syrup, dextrose, stabilizer: E450, spices, condiment (from rice and corn), yeast extract, antioxidant: E301, aroma, food preservative: E250

Contents: +/- 1.4 kg
Handling: Keep chilled below -18 degrees C
Origin: Austria

NO/X = does not contain / 含まれない
YES/O  = does contain

Product Reviews

Ranking Review Image
5 Stars Eve'sMom: My favorite product here. No other ham I can get in Japan tastes as good. Good texture, not too salty, no funny chemical smell, and great flavor, even the fat is tasty (and I'm the type that usually cuts it off and leaves it on the plate.) My son calls it "real meat ham." Glad to be able to give the kids the opportunity to taste something beyond the sliced cold cuts in the supermarket. Every year the price goes up, and I considered skipping it this year, but it has become a Christmas tradition that I just can't do without. I heat it through, score through the fat and lightly glaze it with mustard and maple syrup or brown sugar and a bit of ACV. After Christmas dinner, I hoard the rest after using some for a couple of special bento sandwiches. for the kids. review