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All about TMG International K.K.

Whole Turkey approx. 6.6lbs / 3kg Sadia from Brazil

Whole Turkey approx. 6.6lbs / 3kg Sadia from Brazil
Product ID T002
Size about 3 Kg
Price 3,240 Yen/Pack
Approx. cost per unit 3,240 Yen
  • Whole Turkey approx. 6.6lbs / 3kg Sadia from Brazil

A small sized turkey to fit almost any oven. No extra ingredients, just pure turkey gooness. This turkey is not pre-brined.

Contains giblets:.......................No
Pop-up timer:.............................No
Aprox.Thaw Time:.....................2 days
Aprox.Roast Time:....................2 hrs

Labeling Information: (specifications and ingredients sometimes change so the product you receive may be slightly different)
Ingredients: Turkey
Contents: +/- 3 kg
Handling: Keep Frozen at –18 degrees C
Origin: Brazil

How to Brine a Turkey
The Meat Guy Method
1. Get yourself a container big enough for the bird, plastic is best, stay away from anything metal because it will react and make things taste metaly. I wouldn't recommend wood either, but trash cans from the 100 yen store work great!

2. Weigh the empty container and write down the weight, approximate is fine, you can even use a bathroom scale.

3. Put the unwrapped turkey in the container, fill the container with water, then take out the turkey.

4. Weight the container which is now partially full of water. Subtract the weight of the container that you had written down. Now you've got the weight of the water, which, becauase of the joys of the metric system, is also the volume! (1 kg = 1 Lt.) If you are working with pounds you should basically give up at this point because you can't convert pounds to gallons, but if you want to try you can use 8 pounds per gallon.

5. Add salt, it's best to use sea salt--we sell two kinds, Fino and Grosso, both work just fine. Don't use iodized salt, it will make it taste iodiney. You want to use
50-60 grams of salt per liter of water and 20 grams of sugar
It's easier to dissolve the salt and sugar if you take a portion of the water, heat it on the stove, and dissolve the salt in the hot water, then return the mixture to the rest of the water in the container. You've got enough salt in your brine if a potato floats.

6. Add other stuff, throw in some garlic, spices, maybe some bourbon (bourbon makes anything better). As the turkey sucks up the brine solution, it will also suck up any other flavors that you want to add. Be creative! 7. Put the turkey in the brine, it will float so you want the container cover to be able to hold it under a little bit, you can also pick up one of those weights that they use to make Japanese pickles, they work really well.

8. Put the whole mixture in the refridgerator. If your fridge is too small, you can put it in a cooler box with ice, add more ice as it melts.

9. Wait, at least 12 hours, 24 is better, 48 is a bit too long.

10. Remove the turkey, rinse it well, cook it! Don't re-use the brine!


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