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Italian Sea Salt (Coarse Ground - Grosso) 130g Jar

Italian Sea Salt (Coarse Ground - Grosso) 130g Jar
Product ID DR011a
Size 130 gm
Price 250 Yen/pc
Approx. cost per unit 250 Yen
  • Italian Sea Salt (Coarse Ground - Grosso) 130g Jar
DR011 eng Website

Coarse crystals of Italian sea salt, all you need to finish off a perfect steak. Use in recipes that call for “Kosher Salt” and you should be OK. Sal e Marino di Trapani, Mothia Integrale Grosso.

From the original package:
About 20 km from Trapani and 10 km from Marsala, on the extreme western point of Sicily, the San Pantaleo isle or ancient Mothia rises from the sea. Mothia is situated in the Stagnone lagoon, which is a protected area thanks to the development of a Natural Reserve, and represents one of the most important wetland areas in Southern Europe. The city was found by Phoenicians at the end of VIII century BC, and become one of the richest western Phoenician colonies as a result of its ideal shipping position for trading.
However, the fortified walls of the city didn’t prevent the attack of Dionigi from Siracusa fleet which destroyed the city in 397 BC.
At the end of the 19th century the whole isle was bought by Joseph Whitaker, heir of an important English business family, who promoted the excavations bringing the ancient beauty of the city back to life. It is from the salt pans, which have surrounded the isle for centuries that Mothia sea salt was born and the ancient method passed down from Phoenicians of “harvesting by hand” has still been maintained. Mothia salt has kept all its precious elements such as Magnesium, Potassuim and Iodine, which gives a rich, flavoured taste suitable for a healthy balanced diet.

Questionable grammar and punctuation are theirs, not mine. That may be the coolest blurb I’ve ever read on a product package. They actually tie-in lagoons, history in the “way Before Christ”, Sicilians, Roman numerals aplenty, Phoenicians, forts, English heirs, a Siracusa fleet, and “flavoured taste” all onto the side of a box of salt. Wow! I’ve really gotta work on my product descriptions....
Really good salt though!!!!

1 pack: 130g


Labeling Information: (specifications and ingredients sometimes change so the product you receive may be slightly different)
Ingredients: Sea salt
Contents: 130g
Handling: Store in a cool, dry, place
Origin: Italy


NO/X = does not contain / 含まれない
YES/O  = does contain
/ 含まれる

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