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【SALE】Tenderloin Filet Cubes 500g(29%OFF)3480→2450yen

【SALE】Tenderloin Filet Cubes 500g(29%OFF)3480→2450yen
Product ID B105a
Size 500 gm
Price 2,450 Yen/Pack
Approx. cost per unit 2,450 Yen
5 Stars (2 Reviews)
  • 【SALE】Tenderloin Filet Cubes 500g(29%OFF)3480→2450yen
  • 【SALE】Tenderloin Filet Cubes 500g(29%OFF)3480→2450yen
  • 【SALE】Tenderloin Filet Cubes 500g(29%OFF)3480→2450yen
Very tender cubes of fillet aka "Mini Steaks". When we cut up tenderloins to make fillet mignons we are left with the tip which is too small for a steak, but too nice to waste. These used to stay in our private stock but now there's more than we can eat. There's nothing better for kebabs or cube steak.

Tenderloin Cubes

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Labeling Information: (specifications and ingredients sometimes change so the product you receive may be slightly different)
Ingredients: Beef
Contents: 500g
Handling: Keep Frozen at –18 degrees C
Origin: Australia

Product Reviews

Ranking Review Image
5 Stars DWSJ: Want to impress everybody at your next barbecue? Whip up a dozen tenderloin kebabs. Women will want you, and men will either want to be you, or else they will want to punch you because they didn't think of it themselves. In any case, the thing to do is to order a couple half-kilos of Tenderloin Cubes, thread them onto skewers with chunks of tomato, onion, green pepper and (personal preference) eringi mushroom, and toast them lovingly over the coals. They will be magnificent, and nobody will have to know how little you paid for this extravagance. Being a purist, I just give them a dusting of ground rock salt and black pepper, but the Meat Guy's Almighty Spice would certainly be appropriate here. One other note: through secret private communication with The Meat Guy himself, I did learn that one could hypothetically use these Tenderloin Cubes to make yukke (or steak tartare, if you prefer), being careful to sear the sides of the cubes to reduce the risk of germs and such, and of course I must include the disclaimer that neither I nor the Meat Guy are responsible if you get a tummy ache from eating raw meat. However you choose to eat them, you will not be disappointed by these glorious nuggets of meaty goodness. review
5 Stars Nicky: キューブなので低温でじっくり火を通し、中は赤く外はカリっと焼けました♪美味しい♪ review