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The Meat Guy Bratwurst Beer Sausage

The Meat Guy Bratwurst Beer Sausage
Product ID S005
Size +/- 500 gm
Price 980 Yen/Pack
Approx. cost per unit 980 Yen
5 Stars (1 Reviews)
  • The Meat Guy Bratwurst Beer Sausage
  • The Meat Guy Bratwurst Beer Sausage

Phredy's Beer Brats – our original version of a Wisconsin favorite with beer from our buddy Phred Kaufman up in Hokkaido, check him out at
To do these up right you should first simmer them in beer with some browned onions, then grill them. That's right, beer in the sausage, then sausage in the beer, mathematically it looks something like this: Perfect Brats = grilled sausages X (beer simmering + onions browned with olive oil) X (sausage X beer in the sausage). 5 sausages per pack.

1 pack contains 5 sausages. Each sausage weights approx. 100g Total weight of +/-500g

Because size does make a difference! Our sausages are handmade and our biggest sausages weigh 150g each. The commonly available "sausage" in almost all Japanese supermarkets are nothing more than a small-bite snack. Our sausage packs contain 5 sausages (500g), some 7 (450g) or 9 (270g) sausages depending on the type. This sausage contains 3 sausages with a total weight of approx. 390g

Fresher than our sausages is impossible, unless you start stuffing living cows and pigs into casings. Our sausages are processed from the beginning. We take fresh (never frozen) meat, grind it, add natural fresh spices and stuff it into either pork or lamb casings, vacuum pack them and freeze them immediately. Our sausages are neither pre-cooked nor prepared in any way and we don't add any additives or artificial preservatives to any of our items we produce! Hence, you need to cook the sausages before eating - but that is very easy and absolutely worth it. Once you go fresh raw meat sausages you will never go back.

We don't add any additives or artificial preservatives to any of our items we produce! All the spices we add are 100% natural spices only and most spices are even ground at our processing plant just shortly before we produce our sausages which adds extra freshness. Because our sausages are additive-free they need to be cooked immediately once you thaw them. The only way to preserve our sausages up to a whole year is by keeping them frozen.

Phredy's Brats, Wisconsin Style Bratwurst
1 pk
  Hot Dog Buns 1 pk
Medium Sized Onion   1 pc
Red Bell Pepper  1 pc
Yellow Bell Pepper 1 pc
Beer 2 cans or bottles
Olive Oil 2 Tbsp
Barbecue Sauce (optional) To taste
Shallow pan
Grill or frying pan

Start with our original, all natural, hand made, beer brats. 

Slice up one yellow pepper, one red pepper, and one half onion.

In a heavy skillet toss in about half of the peppers and onions and sauté them for just a bit.

Next add sausages and beer, just enough beer to mostly submerge the sausages for 10 - 12 min

Remove the sausages from their tasty beer bath and finish them off in a frying pan or on
the grill

Serve the sausages on our bun and top with the peppers and onions from the beer bath.

Purrrrrfect! It's OK to cut this in half, it makes it much easier to eat.

You can thaw the sausages in the fridge overnight. They take approx. 5 hours to thaw. If you are in a hurry you can place the unopened frozen sausages in ice-water and they will be ready in less than an hour.

Selection of actual reviews from our customers. Most of our customers are Japanese, hence most reviews might be in Japanese:

Okay, I have finally been able to order, received said order, eaten said order, and have decided that my comment about the brats is...
ahem "They're so good, I even savor the belches that follow."
From A.H

Hello there, just a little note to say I had some of you Irelander sausages last night and they were fantastic. Went great with a big pile of mashed potatoes. In the 5+ years I've been here I have never been able to find that kind of soft/raw meat sausages that are standard in Ireland (and UK). Anyway keep up the great work. I'll be back for more.

朝 にはもったいない! アイルランド人も惚れ込むソーセージとはどんなもん?!で、興味本位でつい購入。 ソーセージが好きな私にとっては、久 しぶりのヒット!、逸品ですね。 ハーブとスパイスがしっかりと効いていて、大人も大満足のソーセージ。 肉汁がた~っぷりと流れ出てきてビックリです。でも、 直に固まるラードではなくすっきりとした肉汁な んです!肉汁もトーストと一緒にいただいちゃいました。 最初にこちらを食べたので、一緒に買ったビールソーセージとメープルへの期待感が一気に上昇!! このソーセージは朝食でサクッと食べるにはもったいない。。。サンデーブランチでゆっくりと。。。とか、 たっぷりの季節の野菜と共に夕食にもなるソーセージです。

昨 日届き、先程いただきました。うまい!の一言に尽きますね。好みのスパイス配合で家 族全員高評価でした!ま た宜しくお願いします。

今 までで一番美味しい生ソーセージで した! フライパンで焼いた後、ポトフにしたのですが・・・ そのまま食べればよかった!!と後悔しました。が、 煮込んでもソーセージの 味がしっかり残っていて、 大変美味しく頂きました。 また必ずリピします。

ス チームしても、レンチンでも焼いてもグリルしてもおいしい! 旅行中に食べて、忘れられなかった味!日 本で買えてうれしかったです!

前 々から、ア イリッシュはかなりはまっていました。こ のバジルの絶妙な味がたまりません。

Most of our recipes come from our customers. If you have another recipe, please send it to us and we will feature it along with your name. You are going to be famous!

Shipping is frozen.

Labeling Information: (specifications and ingredients sometimes change so the product you receive may be slightly different)

Contents: 5pc approx. 500g
Handling: Keep Frozen at –18 degrees C


NO/X = does not contain / 含まれない
YES/O  = does contain
/含 まれる

Product Reviews

Ranking Review Image
5 Stars Not your standard Brat! BETTER!! Soaked in craft beer for four hours refrigerated and grilled them up! AMAZING is the word I would use. No pictures, they were eaten before cameras could came out LOL! review