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The Best of Strip Steaks Assortment with Free Sea Salt

The Best of Strip Steaks Assortment with Free Sea Salt
Product ID SET115
Size +/- 2.26 Kg
Price 16,200 Yen/Set
Approx. cost per unit 16,200 Yen

This tasing set contains all our stripsteaks. You will get 2x 330g Australian Stripsteaks, 2x USDA Choice 400g stripsteaks and 2x 400g of our premium Morgan Ranch Beef stripsteak and 1x 500g of our finest italian sea salt. Taste the difference accross the range and decide for yourself who wins!

Morgan Ranch Striploin Steak: 2x 400g
USDA Choice Striploin Steak: 2x 400g
Australian Striploin Steak: 2x 330g
Italian Sea Salt: 500g pack

Total Striploin Steaks of 2260g

Season with sea salt from Italy, the large salt crystals will sit on top of the steak rather than dissolving, so when you take a bite you are eating steak with salt, rather than salted steak, this causes the flavor of the meat to be intensified almost 9,060 times! For the ones who would like it more spicier: we recommend a sprinkle of our "Stake Spice". Just check out our related items below.

Click here to learn more

All the ribeye steaks take approximately a whole day to thaw in the fridge. If you are in a hurry you can place the steak into ice-water and it will thaw within 3 hours. Never place meat into hot water or place it on the counter for a long period of time.

What is Morgan Ranch Beef? The Morgan Ranch is located in Nebraska, USA and is owned by the Morgan family for many generations now. One of the family members happens to be the president of TMG International's The Meat Guy - Jason P. Morgan! After several years of struggling with import restrictions on American beef we were finally able to import our very own beef from Nebraska, USA to Nagoya, Japan. And all the way from calving our cattle, harvesting, importing, processing and shipping up until your doorstep there is a Morgan involved the whole way! You can read the full story with many pictures in every detail here. At a glance:

Farm to table traceability
Pampered Livestock
Bred for taste
Grass Fed and Grain Finished in a pristine natural environment
No growth promoting artificial hormones
No use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics
Beef so good you’ll sell your children

This is how the striploin steaks (the images show striploin medallions) are processed at our processing plant in Nagoya, Japan: We use our Morgan Ranch Beef's whole ribeye and cut beautiful 300g steaks from it. The steaks are placed on a silver tray including a drip pad. Then we vacuum seal the steaks, label them and freeze them immediately.

Check out our "Cooking with The Meat Guy - How to Cook a Thick Steak" episode:

Selection of actual reviews from our customers. Most of our customers are Japanese, hence most reviews might be in Japanese:

Coming soon.

Shipping is frozen.

Labeling Information: (specifications and ingredients sometimes change so the product you receive may be slightly different)
Ingredients: Beef
6 stripsteaks (total +/-2260g), 500g sea salt
Handling: Keep frozen at -18 degrees C
Origin: US, Australia, Italia for the salt

NO/X = does not contain / 含まれない
YES/O  = does contain
/含 まれる

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