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Kangaroo Meat

Kangaroo Meat
Kangaroo is bouncing up the charts! It’s superhealthy, tasty, sustainable and environmentally sound-–perfect for the crunchy carnivore. It’s also wild, which means no hormones, no antibiotics, no chemicals--it would be "organic" but, then the roos would have to be caught and kept on an organically-certified meadow or some-such, and then they would cease to be wild, so that would kind of defeat the purpose. Many believe that kangaroos are the perfect caretakers of the great Australian outback, because they have these big padded feet that don’t trample the native grasses, unlike the hooves of introduced species such as cattle, sheep, and rugby players! We really like this idea so we import these products directly, ourselves, which means we have more in inventory than we would like, so please buy lots!

Item List

Kangaroo Striploins Pack
Kangaroo Striploins Pack
Product ID Size Price Approx. cost per unit
D007a +/- 500 gm 2,450 YenPack 2,450 Yen
The best of the Roo. These loins make great steaks, we recommend medium rare – also good for tataki and yaki niku. Frozen More info
Ground Kangaroo Meat (Kangaroo Mince)
Ground Kangaroo Meat (Kangaroo Mince)
Product ID Size Price Approx. cost per unit
D006 500 gm 1,100 YenPack 1,100 Yen
As featured at the Australia Pavilion at EXPO. Lean ground Kangaroo.
Frozen More info
Kangaroo Rumps Pack
Kangaroo Rumps Pack
Product ID Size Price Approx. cost per unit
D007b about 550 gm 1,780 YenPack 1,780 Yen
Less tender than the striploin, these rumps are still excellent for steaks, roasts, or yaki-niku. One pack contains around a few rump steaks which is more than enough for a group of 8 people. Frozen More info
Kangaroo Boneless Leg【Sold by Weight】
Kangaroo Boneless Leg【Sold by Weight】
Product ID Size Price Approx. cost per unit
KR020 +/- 3.5 Kg 2,100 Yenkg
Variable Price
7,350 Yen
Kangaroo boneless leg. These are best when slow roasted or braised, also great for stews.
Kangaroos have big strong legs and are known for their jumping ability. It's a proven* fact that eating kangaroo leg will increase your ability to jump.
*maybe not exactly proven
There is a lot of variation between the size of individual pieces and we won't always be able to honor requests for a certain weight.
Frozen More info
Kangaroo Patties 100gx4
Kangaroo Patties 100gx4
Product ID Size Price Approx. cost per unit
D007 400 gm 1,090 YenPack 1,090 Yen
All set for the perfect "Roo" burger. We sold over 25,000 of these through the Australian Pavilion at EXPO. If you didn't get to try it then, now is your chance! One package has four 100 gram patties. Read more about the health benefits here. (Patty, Burger, Patties) Frozen More info